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American Protek Technology Co. Ltd has been well experienced in the research and development of professional power supply for more than 20 years. Stressing the technological innovations of power products and the continuous perfection of problem-solving proposals concerning the industrial power system, the company has taken up a leading position in the international market for its uniquely-designed power products. The unswerving efforts of more than 20 years offer assurance for the success of our research and development of products. The positive feedback earnestly provided by the customers all across the world and their diverse requirements conduce to our strengthened commitment and confidence in our research and development activities.
protek Global Development in the United States
American Protek Technology Co. Ltd is committed to the research and development of the traditional power products. Meanwhile, it has taken the initiative to supply the green, environment-friendly and energy-saving products and has been a global leader in the research and development of new-mode, efficient and energy-saving UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). In addition, it possesses large-scale wind and solar energy grid-connected power products and active power filter (APF) supported by the autonomous core technologies.PROTEK takes it as its principle to initiate the sustained development strategies of global resources and the harmonious development between the mankind and nature. PROTEK always spares no effort to meet the requirements of “security, intelligence and environmental protection”.
In 1998, the technological support center and sales center of PROTEK were set up in Xiamen, China. By virtue of our high-quality products and considerate after-sales services, now we are now widely recognized as the leading supplier in the field of uninterrupted power supply in China with high reputation.
PROTEK in China
Power system protection scheme;
In each and every year, PROTEK is offering the all-round and delicately compiled protective proposals regarding power supply for hundreds of large power plants and transformer stations in China.
Industrial power supply protection solutions
In each and every year, PROTEK is providing the customized trouble-shooting proposals concerning the protection of industrial power for hundreds of large automation plants, businesses and organizations of various kinds and international companies in China.
Consultation on Power Protection Technology
In each and every year, PROTEK is presenting the personalized and comprehensive power protection services for thousands of enterprise-level users.
Provide personalized services
In each and every year, PROTEK is offering the technological consultancies and the corresponding detailed technical guidance regarding the power protection to millions of individual end users
Promoting the development of the electronic field in China
In each and every year, PROTEK is fully dedicated to promoting the more efficient advances in the fields of electrics and electronics in the mainland of China so as to make the foresight of the technological and commercial areas understood by more and more users
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