With over 20 years of professional experience in power supply research and development
American Protek Technology Co. Ltd has been well experienced in the research and development of professional power supply for more than 20 years. Stressing the technological innovations of power products and the continuous perfection of problem-solving proposals concerning the industrial power system, the company has taken up a leading position in the international market for its uniquely-designed power products. The unswerving efforts of more than 20 years offer assurance for the success of our research and development of products. The positive feedback earnestly provided by the customers all across the world and their diverse requirements conduce to our strengthened commitment and confidence in our research and development activities.
PROTEK takes it as its principle to initiate the sustained development strategies of global resources and the harmonious development between the mankind and nature. PROTEK always spares no effort to meet the requirements of “security, intelligence and environmental protection”.
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Our product
AHA series industrial grade UPS
AHA is the latest generation of industrial grade standard UPS. In 2014, we optimized key circuit design, communication interface circuit design, and protection measure circuit design to further improve stability while significantly improving system control and output accuracy.
Our product
ALP series shore power supply SPS
The SPS device has super isolation for input and output, and adopts a special isolation design for power frequency transformers, with three-phase independent design. Therefore, it has strong load capacity and impact resistance, suitable for all motor start stop devices with inductive loads.
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High quality products and meticulous after-sales service
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