1.ALP series of standard industrial level UPS

Industrial standard design and sufficient overload rating assure the loading capacity of any nature. 

It is applicable to the harsh industrial environment, such as the conditions of high dust, insect pest and high temperature or areas vulnerable to earthquake or lightning  

Aiming to protect the vital production process, equipment system and workers’ security and avoid the downtime of high cost. 

Super level of input and output insulation and high reliability of electric system

Fully meeting the user-friendly requirements through its comprehensive systematic protection measures without strict operational procedures restriction

Life span of 30 years, fully satisfactory to the clients’ technological requirements of high standard


In terms of the application in the local area network, large server room, data network management center and industrial manufacturing fields such as electric industry, petro-chemistry, natural gas, coal mine, steel, metallurgy, glass, pharmaceutical production, food, plastic industry, semiconductor wafer plants, rail transportation, production lines, as well as medical electrical equipment, UPS devices supply power mainly to the following loading equipment; computer system, telecommunications equipment, network equipment, monitoring system, control system of DCS production or industrial controlcomputer system, PLC control system, machine tools processing equipment, data collection system, coordinative control system, precision instrumentation equipment, emergency lighting, firefighting and securing alarming system. Meanwhile, the company can also produce the customized UPS system of various input and output specifications according to the detailed requirements of the clients. 

This series of UPS products are designed in compliance with American military standard. Besides the prerequisite of stressing high reliability and security, the designing concept and manufacturing craftsmanship accord with the developmental trend of electronic industry in the coming ten years, which ensures the high intelligence, reliability, high stability and efficiencyof uninterrupted power products. The dual-transformation technologies and input-output super isolation design are adopted with the combination of such advanced control and switch components as DSP and IGBT and the plug-and-play modular design of key power components. 

High output quality

The adoption of sophisticated control techniques such as online dual transformation technologies, IGBT, the switch components, the modular design, high-performance digital signal processor, plural CPU and the simultaneous compatibilityof hardware and software strengthens the trouble-detection alarming system and emergency handling function, which greatly enhances the quality of UPS output voltage and the system security with better dynamic performance, timeliness and greater emergency handling capacity. 

Stronger overload capacity 

The overload rating of 110 percent can guarantee the continuous stable operation of the equipment. Theexcellent overloading and turbulence-resisting capacity fully reflects the industrial characteristics. The truly independent three-phase inverter designcan assurethat 100-percent unbalanced loading will not causeany damage to the system in its stable output.  

Super-wide range of commercial power input voltage

The commercial power input voltage ranging widely from 300VACto 520VACcan largely broaden the input voltage range of UPS equipmentwhile effectively reducing the discharge frequency of the batteries so as to enlarge the life span. 

Special protective function

The special protective function and the bypass optimized protective function with the patent design can ensure the intactness of UPS and the avoidance of power breakdown in loading even in mal-operation. The function of midpoint floating connection and casting protection can ensure the secure loading. According to the loading, the electrical fan can control the revolving speed intelligently to improve the reliability of the system. 

User-friendly operation

The man-machine operation design of the system has fully taken the security and convenience of operation into consideration. The absence of strict operational procedures restrictions in the switch-on or switch-off process can be taken as an example. The bypass repairing mal-operation protective function can guarantee the intactness of UPS and the avoidance of power breakdown in loading in the situations of mal-operation of the switches or the otherwise unconsciously manmade repairing bypass switch connection. The connectivity and operation interface design is totallyin accordance with the characteristicsof human body structure. The 100-percent Chineseinterface is specially designed and manufactured for the users in China. 

High maintainabilityand availability

The manual and automotivebattery testing function can well detect the troubles of batteries. The power components and static switch components are designed in the plug-and-play style so as to ensure the high maintainability of system and shorten the mean time to repair (MTTR<0.5 hour) the system. The standard design of industrial environment and the dual-unit static bypass switch design are complementary. The compatible hardware and software operated simultaneously in redundancy in the key circuit can ensure the stable operation of the products during its life span. The mean time between failures(MTBF) endures 300,000 hours or so. 

Advanced nature

It is ensured that the products are in no need of upgrading for the coming fairly long time in order to achieve the fluent upgrading of system and meet the expansion requirements. The digital dispersed adaptive parallel distributed control technologies make it unnecessary to set up the host and subordinate machines. The absence of circulation in each machine can ensure that the load balance error is less than 0.5%. 


Taking the network of computer monitoring system into account, there is great openness in both the hardware and software to ensure the connectivity of UPS system with other systems and its own expansion capacity. It is also equippedwith the multi-functional supporting components and user-friendly all-round system supervision and telecommunication performance. The perfect tracing capability for the historic events can accommodateas many as 154 history memos even in the absence of power supply. 



The adoptionof anti-static function, anti-high-voltage pulseand anti-lightning designand the super isolation and reliable grounding technologies can well prevent the electromagnetic waves, radio interference and electrostatic intrusion. Meanwhile, it can also guarantee the security of electric equipment by preventing the harmonic waves’contamination in the power grid. The compatibilitystandard of anti-electromagnetic interferenceshould comply with the stipulations of EN50091-2.

Industrial standards integration design

All controlling circuits, pulse-width modulation and components allocation are designed and manufactured entirely in accordance with thestandard input and output specifications of various kinds, calling for no requirements for the external VVVF(variable voltage variable frequency) equipment in the supply of integrated standard output. The input and output voltage and frequency can be customized according to the relevant national standards, such as the voltage transformation from 380VACto 208VACor to 480VACand the frequency transformation from 50Hzto 60Hz. Therefore, it is suitable for the application and transformation of diverse industrial power standards. 

Standard configuration and functions

Input-output super isolation transformer can effectively resist the turbulenceof noise and protect the load security. 

Rectifier input, DC input, bypass input switch and manual repair bypass switch and internal static bypass switch. 

6-plus rectifier and IGBI inverter power components can ensure the sufficient load redundancy. 

Allocation of dual DSP and plural CPU can assure the reliable redundancy and quick response. 

Large volume charging module of long-time delay is to match the UPS selective requirements of various standby battery. 

Man-machine dialogue control panel displayed in Chinese is specifically designed for the Chinese users. 

It is equippedwith the sophisticated and reliable modular plug-and-play power components and the reasonably designed air-separation components for specific purposes. The communication interface of RS232 and RS485 can help to achieve the overall operation monitoring of the UPS devices based on the platform of computers. 

Eight groups of dry contact points alarming panel can cover all the failures and abnormality in the operation of UPS. 

Protection level IP42 is for the all-round resistance of dust, powder and dewing. 

The redundancy fans structure of N plus one is to enhance the reliability of heat radiation in the system. 

The protection devices regarding the non-order requirements in switch on and off and mal-operation can enhance the user-friendlinessduring the process of operation and maintenance. 

It is also equippedwith the thunder-proof protective device MOV and the input and output passive filter. 

The management system of intelligent batteries allows the online testing of batteries.

Selective allocation and functions

MODBUSprotocol converter 

The standard MODBUS communication protocolcan achieve the information exchange and sharing between the monitoring systems of UPS and DCS.  

Voltage/current/frequency transmitter

The simultaneousoperation parameters can be transferred to the users’terminal monitoring system in the form of analog signalsat 4-20mA.

SNMPNetwork Web card 

It is for the fulfillment of UPS’connection to the web and the remote monitoringand control of the far-distance network. 

Redundant parallel components

The dispersed logic control and the redundancy control technologieswith compatibilityof hardware and software can guarantee the high evenness of loading in the absence of circuit current and high redundancy and reliability of the system. 

Regulator bypass isolation cabinet

The secure isolated bypass power source is provided with high precision.

AV output distributionboard

The power distribution system is set up in accordance with the specific high standards supporting by delicate techniques 

Main circuit dual-input switch-ATS

atch the high reliability requirement of power supply. 


In order to coordinate the filter device, the harmonic waves of total input circuithas been reduced to fewer than5 percent, achieving the real green and environmental protection performance of UPS. 

Battery monitoring module - DCMANTM

The second generation of full digitized battery monitoring module of intelligenceis capable of detecting the internal resistance, voltage, current, temperature and other important dataof the monomer batterywhile remedying its potential trouble and failures. The battery failure alarming system of well enhances the reliability of the system and reduce the high cost of battery changing. 

Automated calling for repair module- UPSCALLTM

The user can set up multi units of telephones in advance to keep current with the operation of UPS from time to time. In case of the failures or abnormality of the UPS, the detailed information can be conveyed to the managing staff through the above-mentioned telephone for the corresponding countermeasures. 

Remote control module- UPSCANTM

Through the network monitoring module, UPS in the amount of 1 to 99 sets can be monitored simultaneously with the connective distance reaching as long as 1000 meters. The real-time monitoring display can reveal the operation status and data of UPS and then let out the alarms in the abnormal condition. 

Emergency power off switch(EPO) 

It is selected and installed on the external part of UPS or close to UPS. In case of emergency, it can be resorted to for the shutdown of UPS output. 

Progress line components

The selection and installment of the progress line components can meet the requirements of bridging lines over the equipment. 

Environmental monitoring device

It is used to examine the temperature, humidity and smog of the environment. It can let out alarms in abnormal conditions. 

Communication software

UPSCOMTMis a type of intelligent monitoring software. The intelligent communication interface of RS232 (supplied with USB or RS485 connectivity) can conduct simultaneous monitor of various kinds of power grid and supply equipment such as UPS, inverters the switch mode power source, generator, regulator and so on..

It is capable of monitoring simultaneously 31 power equipment of same or distinct kinds. One of the appointed power equipment (by UPSCOMTMsoftware) can send back the detailed information 

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