Protagonist White Paper on China's Development
China - always the most valued and active global business market by Protec

China has always been the most important and active global business market for Protec. After more than a decade of efforts, we have established a solid application foundation in the industrial market in China. The application of industrial uninterruptible power supply products is widespread in the five major power generation companies and large petrochemical enterprises. Now, we will uphold world-class product quality, high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service, and work together with high-quality partners in China to achieve a win-win situation for business results. While fully ensuring efficient, stable, and safe industrial production process control for end users, we will also reduce operational costs and help enterprises enhance their core competitiveness.

Being chased is the driving force for progress, The PROTEK ALP series industrial grade uninterruptible power supply products have passed strict ETL standards for quality CE certification, today Protec will strive to eliminate the market existence of counterfeit PROTEK (Protec) brand low-quality products. By authorizing Xiamen Langchen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. as our marketing management service center in China, we will continue to provide original PROTEK industrial grade uninterruptible power supplies to the Chinese region, as well as original spare parts for products sold in operation in the past, and work together with Xiamen Langchen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to safeguard the interests of business partners and end customers.

We have always believed that products that are sturdy, durable, and have excellent performance are the needs of industrial market customers. Therefore, we have reason to believe that as we continuously improve our supply system and customer communication mechanism, Protec's vast customers will choose the right products with the same requirements. Due to our strong research and development capabilities, we continuously endow industrial grade products with new functions and modules, helping enterprises solve the ever-changing needs of power management and intelligent distribution in the production process.

The economic development of China and the world still faces severe challenges, including energy structure adjustment, climate change, optimizing energy conversion efficiency, and sustainable resource utilization. Therefore, let us work together to provide safer, more efficient, and smarter solutions for your comprehensive power supply solution.

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December 19, 2013

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