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In order to develop the market in Chinese Mainland, PROTEK TECHNOLOGY L.L.C. of the United States attaches great importance to the establishment of agents in China. Therefore, we regard Shenzhen Yuxun Technology Co., Ltd. as a business partner. In 2012, we authorized it to sell imported ALP industrial UPS products in China with original packaging, valid until May 31, 2014.

Important statement


Dear PROTEK product users:


In order to develop the market in Chinese Mainland, PROTEK TECHNOLOGY L.L.C. of the United States attaches great importance to the establishment of agents in China. Therefore, we regard Shenzhen Yuxun Technology Co., Ltd. as a business partner. In 2012, we authorized it to sell imported ALP industrial UPS products in China with original packaging, valid until May 31, 2014.


Due to the increasing demand for market business development and in order to adapt to this market change, we have now established the only marketing management center and technical service center in Xiamen, China - Xiamen Langchen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. We have entrusted the company to be fully responsible for the market development, project authorization, channel and agent establishment, technical support and customer training of PROTEK products in China, as well as the import business of all PROTEK full series of original ALP industrial grade products and unified supply in China. Our aim is to provide Chinese users with more comprehensive, effective, and optimized product solutions, help them further understand the latest technology of PROTEK industrial grade UPS products, and also provide Chinese users with original imported product accessories and professional services. Technical services.


We hereby declare and hope that this statement will be helpful to you.

Protec China contact information:

PROTEK China Marketing Management Center (Xiamen)

Tel: 0592 6898766 (switchboard) 6898768 (dedicated line) 6898798 (dedicated line)

Fax: 0592 6898767 (switchboard) 6898799 (dedicated line)


Protec Technologies Limited, USA

November 16, 2014


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