AHA Combination Diagram

AHA series of standard industrial level UPS

Designed according to the mature eighth industrial standard, secure and reliable

The strict online-frequency dual transformation design can effectively protect the key equipment. 

Super wide range of input voltage, excellent overload capacityand turbulence resistance capacity

Convenient operation and maintenance is applicable in the protection of computer network and industrial producing equipment. 

Digitized compatibility of software and hardware can further enhance its reliability and stability. 


It is widely applied in the data center, network center and office automation system of financial institutions, telecommunication institutions and governments. Meanwhile, its high reliability and quality perfectly fits the diverse application in the process control of industrial automation, and the uninterrupted power supply for the medical devices and transportationequipment. 

Main properties and characteristics

The adoption of the eighth generation of industrial level design can assure its complete adaptability to the super harsh industrial environment.

The sophisticatedadaptive parallel system without discrimination of host or subordinatemachines and N+1 redundancy technologyare introduced. 

The well-designed protective measurescan surely ensure the reliable operation of the system.

The design of separating the input terminal from the output one can effectively protect the loading and equipment security.

he dependable static bypass function can truly guarantee the uninterrupted power supply.

The user-friendly operation design without strict operating order restriction can greatly simplify the working with higher safety.

DC cold-start function, DC-loop non-surge current

Two-phase locked loop circuit and the highly efficient filter synchronous circuit are fully compatible with generators.

Theliquid crystal display panelin Chinesecan illustrate a variety of conditions.

The average trouble-shooting time is less than 0.5 hours.

The enriched communication interface is fully supporting the unattended operation.

With high resistance against turbulence, the UPS bears anti-electromagnetic interference / compatibilitythat are up to the requirementsstipulated in EN5009-2and GB/T17626.

The battery testing, maintenance and alarm monitoring modules can also be offered as options.

Standard configuration and function 

The output frequency isolation transformer is capable of resisting the noises and secure the loading effectively. 

Commercial electricity, DC input, bypass input switch and the internal static bypass. 

The simple and effective LCD and LED display control panel will make it easy to reveal the operative status.

The powerful protective devices can protect the loadingand security of UPS in an all-round way from accidents and troubles of various kinds. 

Input and output passive filter EMI

Long-time delay charger can meet the clients’selective requirements for the backup batteries.  

Standard RS232or RS485interface can realize the computer monitoring. 

Wide range of input voltage and input frequency tracing system 

Selective allocation and function

·UPSilon 2000intelligent monitoring software package

UPS status monitoring and control based on the platform of computer 


Standard MODBUSstandard communication protocolcan help achieve the information sharing and exchange between the UPS and DCS monitoring system

·SNMP network Web adapter card

Through the SNMP card, UPS is capable of networking monitoring. The simultaneous monitor and control of UPS status can be achieved through the browser of the computer. 

·Voltage/ current/ frequency transmitter

The simultaneousoperation parameters can be transferred to the users’terminal monitoring system in the form of analog signalswith electricity between 4 and 20mA.

·Multi-unit redundancy parallel mode

The sophisticatedadaptive parallel system without discrimination of host or subordinatemachines and N+1 redundancy technologycan help achieve the redundancy parallel mode of many UPS so as to enhance the reliability of the system. 

·Manual repair bypass switch

During the trouble-shooting period, the uninterrupted bypass power sources are responsible for the power supply

Language selection in the LCD interface

According to their habits, the users can select the language for the LCD interface. 

UPSilon 2000can further bring the potential of unattended monitoring function into full play. During the breakdown of commercial power supply and the low-voltage of UPS battery or other abnormal conditions, besides the accurate automated storageof information and system safety shutdown, it can autonomously convey the alarming signals, including the automated dialing to send calling and the e-mail warning, so that the user can take some countermeasures for the emergency. 

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