Basic specifications:



Three in and one out, three in and three out

Special specifications of power supply devices can be customized according to actual requirements.

Applicable fields:


Power supply for ocean going cargo ships

Heavy lifting equipment for ships

Deep sea exploration power supply

Offshore drilling operation platform

Power supply for hazardous chemical ships

Product information:


The ALP series maritime grade uninterruptible power supply is carefully crafted by PROTEK according to DNV classification society standards and requirements, targeting the increasingly prosperous shipbuilding and offshore operations. It has been applied globally in various marine transportation and drilling platforms, as well as providing safe and reliable backup power in various deep-sea exploration and scientific research.

The input and output of the UPS device are super isolated, and the power system has high reliability and safety.

● Heavy load steel structural components, special steel plates and structural design, PCB three proof treatment, fasteners made of various special materials, etc., can resist ocean fluctuations, salt spray, and humidity.

According to the characteristics of various maritime activities and equipment installation space, targeted protective outer boxes for power supply devices can be developed to further enhance the durability and reliability of the power supply system.

● Full bridge three-phase independent IGBT inverter module, plug and play design industrial inverter design, capable of long-term operation at 110% load, suitable for any type of load, fully designed

Considering the application characteristics of industry, sufficient load margin is left.

There are no strict control program restrictions, comprehensive and comprehensive system protection measures, and the ****** degree meets the requirements of humanization.

Large DSP control components with dual independent operations and dual independent and mutually backup DSP digital control components enhance the ability of UPS devices to process various control signals, greatly enhancing the system


6 or 2-Pulse rectifiers with passive filtering reduce harmonics and enhance system reliability.

Eight sets of dry contacts RS232/485 (MODBUS) communication interface, alarm dry contact covers all possible fault information of UPS device, and the communication interface is also fully applicable to the current industrial environment

All mainstream communication methods.

Optional device:

● Output voltage, current, and frequency transmitters

Network adapter card - SNMP

Multiple redundant parallel components

● Bypass isolation voltage stabilizing cabinet

● AC input/output distribution panel

● Main circuit dual input switching switch-ATS

12-Pulse rectifier

Battery monitoring module - DCMANTM

● Automatic repair module - UPSCALLTM

● Remote Control Module - UPSCANTM

● Emergency stop switch - EPO

● Upper incoming component                                                                  

Standards met and met:









EN50091-2,CLASS A


EN61000-4- Level III, EN61000-4-5 Level IV

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